Appellate Attorney Gray R. Proctor
From Small Claims Court to the Supreme Court

Fees in Criminal Cases

Flat rates.  No surprises.


Not every case has a chance of making it to the Supreme Court.  Find out if yours might qualify.

Consultation: $1200.  Review of decisions in your case, and general advice about what to do next.  Includes one-hour phone call.

Full evaluation: $5500 (or additional $4300 if you've already had a consultation).  Review of all records. Complete strategy and legal research for issues that are appropriate for review in the Supreme Court.  Includes one-hour phone call, written memorandum of strategy, and print-outs of cases, law review articles, briefs filed in other cases, and other useful materials.  

Petition for Writ of Certiorari:  $13,000 (with full credit for fees paid for consultation or evaluation).  Formal request for the Supreme Court to consider your case.

Briefing and arguing in the Supreme Court of the United States:  Free.  If the Supreme Court accepts your case, I will brief and argue the case without any additional fees.


As with federal cases, every state case is suitable for direct appeal.  Florida's public defender system is extremely underfunded compared to the federal system, however, so as a public service my rates are lower.

1 day of trial (including jury selection):  $8000

Each additional day of trial:  $1000


Unlike Supreme Court cases, these cases depend as much on the facts of your case as on issues of law.  The fee to brief and argue your case varies based on the length of trial.

1-2 days (including jury selection):  $10,000

Each additional day of trial:  $1500

Max rate:  $45,000

These rates may not apply if there are more than 100 entries on your docket sheet, or if one or more co-defendant was tried at the same trial.


There are three level of review for state convictions.  In state court, there is the direct appeal and the postconviction motion.  After the state postconviction motion, the federal habeas corpus petition is the final level of review. 

The court may order an evidentiary hearing, which gives you a chance to get back to court with new witnesses and evidences.  The prices below do not include investigators or hearing fees, which can only be estimated on a case-by-case basis.

Consultation:  $2500

Full evaluation:  $7500 plus $1000 per day of trial - complete professional opinion and instructions on how to represent yourself.

Filing a Section 2254 petition:  $5000.

Motion for Certificate of Appealability:  $5000 if Section 2254 handled by this office, $15,000 otherwise.


Case-by-case basis.