Appellate Attorney Gray R. Proctor
From Small Claims Court to the Supreme Court

Fees in Civil Cases

Old-timey values:


Hopefully, the other side will be paying me.

In insurance litigation, civil rights cases, and cases taken on a contingency below, you might not have to worry about fees.  When a law or a clause in a contract gives fees to the prevailing party, my motto is "let's prevail."  And if you have a personal injury case that's being done on contingency, I can get you back in court for a percentage of your trial attorney's original take.

But if you're paying me, no surprises.  I promise.

Fees depend principally on the length of the trial court proceedings, the size of the record, the number of likely issues and their complexity.  Typically, flat fees range from around $15,000 to $55,000.  

The flat fee typically covers all the work:  reviewing the record, communicating with you and with the other lawyers, researching and writing the briefs, oral argument, routine procedural matters and — in appropriate cases — exploring settlement.

The flat fee also includes all legal research costs.